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The Chris Estus Band debut album is full of soul and presence. It is a compilation of original songs and worship standards, bringing to contemporary worship a beautiful balance of sacred and classic rock 'n roll. Produced by Grammy Award winning producers Michael and Ron Morales.

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About the Band


After over a decade of leading worship at various churches, under bridges, in prisons, at prayer meetings, at bible studies, in houses of prayer, in warehouses and wherever else the Lord has lead us, we have finally recorded a CD. The band is currently leading worship at Pioneer at Asbury, a community of people with a connection to 12-Step Recovery.


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Chris is a follower of Jesus and experienced guitarist who is committed to leading people in recovery through the 12-Step movement. He became a Contemporary Christian Praise and Worship Leader and Musician the day his bar band career ended in 1999. He is passionate about seeing God’s presence released through worship in song.


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Bob is a gem of a baritone who loves singing the scriptures and harmonizing. His craft was first rooted and developed in the coffee house scene of Greenwich Village. A real “Go-To” guy, Bob will do anything for anybody and will sing anytime and anywhere Chris tells him to. No crowd is too big or too small for this worshipper who sings to an audience of one.


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Kristi's melodic, prophetic voice is tuned to a frequency of heaven. She loves to release the sounds of freedom and watch the Holy Spirit confirm the Words that are sung with signs that follow. Experienced, gifted, anointed and much loved, Kristi comes alive when discipling the next generation of prophetic worship leaders.